A Brief History of Maritime Law [INFOGRAPHIC]

Even though we like to think of ourselves as experts on maritime law here at O’Bryan Law, we have to admit we understand that not everyone is going to know as much about it as we do.

Known by many names and comprised of many different laws, general American maritime law has a fairly long, complicated, and interesting history that has led it to where it is today. Many landmark cases, rulings, and federal laws have been passed to get maritime law to its current state, and understanding this history is crucial for having a full understanding and appreciation of the law as it exists now.

To get a better (and easier) understanding of this history, we’ve prepared an infographic with a lot of the important dates, facts, and names you need to know to really get the history of the Jones Act and maritime law:

Infographic describing the history of maritime law and the Jones Act created by O'Bryan Law


But even with as far as maritime law has come in America, the future will still hold a unique set of challenges and changes as more companies try to find new ways to take advantage of their workers. As long as the Jones Act is an active force in American law, maritime attorneys like O’Bryan Law will be there to help navigate these dangerous waters and fight for the rights of maritime workers all over the country.