Maritime Injuries Lawyer

Maritime work, from crab boats to oil rigs to merchant vessels to towboats and everything in between, is a strenuous, demanding, and frequently dangerous line of work. On the harsh environment of the high seas, things like weather conditions, unsecured cargo, and equipment failure can lead to a number of different illnesses and injuries – and sometimes, even death.

On the water, the most common injuries are due to negligence and could have easily been prevented by following common safety practices. It is a shipowner’s responsibility to maintain the safety of their boats, their cargo, and their workers, and if a maritime worker is injured due to accident or negligence that worker may be able to receive financial compensation (in addition to “maintenance and cure”) for their injury under the Jones Act, a series of laws governing the maritime industry in America.

Under these laws, any injury or illness that a maritime worker suffers while working on a vessel that is found to be the result of negligence on the part of the ship’s owner can be covered by the Jones Act, and maintenance and cure and for damages under the Jones Act. If you’ve been injured while working on the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico, any of America’s rivers, or any other navigable body of water, then you need the skilled offshore injury lawyers of O’Bryan Law.

O’Bryan Law has the experience you need to navigate the complex and seemingly ancient laws of the Jones Act and get the justice you deserve. We’ve practiced maritime law for most of our professional lives, and our team of Jones Act attorneys know these laws inside and out – and we can win the justice you deserve.
If you’ve been injured or fallen ill while working anywhere on the water, contact O’Bryan Law today.