commercial cargo ship full of containers
By: Contributor on September 18, 2017

The Jones Act is no doubt the backbone of our entire industry. A series of laws designed, in part, to make sure any commercial shipping done within American waterways is done on American-made vessels using entirely American crews, the Jones Act is the center of trade, commerce, and employment on the …

Engine room aboard a cargo ship
By: Contributor on August 16, 2017

Out of all the dangerous working conditions a maritime worker will encounter during their employment – rough seas, hazardous weather, etc – one of the most dangerous environments is right aboard their vessel. The ship’s engine room is home to a variety of machinery and systems, all working together …

Oil rig roughneck workers drilling into oil onboard rig
By: Contributor on August 2, 2017

Oil rig work is one of the most dangerous areas of employment you’ll encounter on the water – or anywhere. With constant exposure to harsh weather, hazardous conditions, and dangerous machinery onboard the rig itself, oil rig workers are faced with a unique set of hazards and challenges not seen any …

Orange lifebuoys and black rope, safety equipment of modern yacht
By: Contributor on July 19, 2017

Summer means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for any American maritime worker who sails through our oceans, the summer months can just as easily be called “hurricane season”. You don’t need us to tell you how dangerous hurricanes can be – dozens of lives are lost every year to these storms, …

Cargo ship underway viewed from bow at night
By: Contributor on July 5, 2017

The maritime industry is an important source of economic trade and employment all throughout the country – and an unfortunately common source of accidents and injuries. Cargo ships, a common sight among all of America’s waters from our rivers to our lakes, could be said to be the backbone of this in …

Maritime worker using wire brush to clean hull of ship
By: Contributor on June 21, 2017

Maritime work – it’s rewarding, it’s lucrative, it’s a huge part of American history, and it can be very dangerous. Regardless of what you do or where you do it, there’s a lot of risk that comes along with working on the water. Any maritime career comes with it a number of inherent dangers, and than …

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By: Contributor on June 7, 2017

A recent federal appeals court ruling has affirmed that Pan Am Railways has engaged in retaliatory practices against a worker who reported safety violations to OSHA. Much like how the Jones Act is designed to protect injured maritime workers, railroad workers have similar protections such as the Fed …

Underwater shipwreck being explored by scuba diver
By: Contributor on May 17, 2017

While they’re not all quite as exciting as James Cameron exploring the Titanic with his army of robot cameras, you would be surprised at the number of ordinary citizens, offshore workers, and treasure hunters that stumble across historic finds every year. Of course, as with nearly anything involving …

Doctor's office with stethoscope, clipboard, and doctor sitting at desk
By: Contributor on May 3, 2017

Pre-existing conditions can be one of the most complicated parts of any injury case, and that goes double for maritime injury claims. Many insurance companies and ship owners resort to the old strategy of claiming ‘pre-existing conditions’ to get out of paying damages to a worker who falls ill or is …