Coast Guard vessel making sharp turn on ocean
By: Contributor on March 8, 2017

Any maritime worker who spends enough time in international waters knows that piracy remains a real and dangerous threat to shipworkers and the maritime industry as a whole. Far removed from the cartoon image of drunken, peglegged captains with hook hands and squawking parrots, real-life pirates are …

shipping containers waiting on dock
By: Contributor on February 8, 2017

The Jones Act is absolutely the backbone of both American maritime law, and the American shipping & shipbuilding industries. Nearly every aspect of American maritime law is affected by the Jones Act, from requiring American vessels to be used to transport goods within American waters, to requiri …

Street in Cuba with vintage cards in front of government building
By: Contributor on January 18, 2017

For years, Cuba has been something of a dream to would-be travelers. Years of heavy sanctions and restrictions on travel and trade made traveling to (or doing business with, in the case of the maritime industry) Cuba an unfulfilled wish, stuck behind embargoes and blockades over the past 50 some odd …

Judge's gavel and legal scales on table in law library
By: Contributor on January 4, 2017

Offshore injuries can happen on any body of water, anywhere in the United States. From the Great Lakes to the shores of the Pacific and everywhere in between, if you’re injured on the water, American maritime law provides a number of different ways to seek justice and financial compensation for your …

judge's gavel on pile of hundred dollar bills for bankruptcy court
By: Contributor on December 21, 2016

Bankruptcy can affect businesses in any industry, and maritime corporations are no exception to this rule. Take the massive South Korean shipping company Hanjin Shipping Co. for example. Over the past few months, Hanjin has been filing for bankruptcy. Due to the company’s massive position in the Ame …

old ship sailing bell on deck of a large boat
By: Contributor on December 7, 2016

  While we will travel all over the United States for our clients, O’Bryan Law is proudly based in Michigan. And up here in the Mitten state, we’ve seen our share of maritime accidents and tragic losses on the Great Lakes, but perhaps none have been as historically meaningful as the Edmund Fitz …

Crashing surf on the beach at El Morro Fortress, San Juan, Puerto Rico
By: Contributor on November 16, 2016

For almost 100 years, the Jones Act has been a vital component of maritime law, protecting the rights and livelihoods of thousands of American maritime workers both offshore and onshore by helping Jones Act lawyers defending the rights of sailors, dockworkers, and more when it comes to issues such a …

Cargo ship loaded with cargo containers in waters near Singapore
By: Contributor on November 2, 2016

Working on the water in any capacity can bring with it a number of risks and hazards – risks that the Jones Act was designed to help prevent and mitigate. But no matter how many legal protections may be in place, accidents can still happen while working on the sea, and cargo ships are a common sourc …

Jones Act Lawyer
By: Contributor on October 5, 2016

Many an injured seaman has faced the question: Are payments under the Jones Act a Worker’s Compensation offset to Long-Term Disability benefits? The answer: NO. In many cases, long-term disability insurance companies attempt to escape liability by claiming that the disabled seaman was not covered by …