Offshore Injuries Lawyer

offshore injuriesHave you been injured or fallen ill while working on any vessel in navigation? Your injury is likely covered by the Jones Act, a series of laws designed to protect and compensate maritime workers in the event of offshore injuries or illness, whatever the cause of the injury.

Am I An Offshore Worker?

‘Offshore’ can have many different meanings, from a river in America to the the high seas and the Gulf of Mexico, or any number of different navigable waterways throughout the world. Rest assured, any worker that works on a vessel on any navigable waterway, including cargo ships, crab/fishing boats, and even floating, or jackup oil rigs are covered by these offshore injury laws.
Whatever body of water you work on, the risk for injury is high; cargo can become unmoored, sudden waves can rock the ship, equipment can become faulty and malfunction causing injury, and so on. If you become injured while working on the water, no matter where it is, your injury is covered by the Jones Act.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured Offshore?

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