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A major part of the Jones Act requires that employers must provide a safe maritime working environment for any worker in their employ, and that includes the vessels on which they work and live. Maritime law requires that a vessel and her crew, parts, and equipment be reasonably fit and safe for their intended use during the course of normal maritime operations. If a worker is injured due to faulty or malfunctioning equipment on a given vessel, the vessel may be found unseaworthy and the injuries may be covered by maritime law.


What Is Unseaworthiness?

Unseaworthiness can be applied to any vessel whose parts or equipment are found to be unfit to perform as designed. This goes for all parts of a ship, from the engine to the hull, even to the furniture in the crewmember’s bunks.
Under the terms of the Jones Act and the unseaworthiness doctrine, the owner of a vessel is responsible for its upkeep and reasonable safety. Any sort of malfunction or damage to the vessel needs to be attended to by the vessel’s owner as soon as possible to prevent injury or accident. If things onboard a boat are not as they should be, the owner is held liable for any repairs needed, even if the shipowner claims to have not known about the damage or potential hazards.

How Does The Jones Act Affect Unseaworthiness?

The Jones Act makes sure any worker injured while working on the water is given legal rights to collect damages for negligently inflicted injuries suffered. Unseaworthy vessels are a common cause of maritime injuries, in addition to the Jones Act which holds employers responsible for any negligently inflicted injuries suffered while working. Some injuries are caused by negligence, and failure to maintain the seaworthiness of a vessel.
If you have been injured due to the unseaworthy condition of a vessel in navigation, you may be able to collect damages for your injury. An experienced Jones Act attorney can fight to prove your injuries were caused by an unseaworthy vessel and work to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

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