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The consolidated port district for the New York-Newark metropolitan area, the Port of New York and New Jersey, includes a system of navigable waterways stretching 650 miles along the New York City shoreline and even supports the region’s airports and railway networks. One of the most commonly-traveled ports in the world by both shipping professionals and waterborne thrill-seekers looking for the best view in the city, the Port of New York also sees its fair share of accidents. For accidents on the water, you need the tough and experienced maritime law attorneys  O’Bryan Law on your side.


With over $208 billion worth of shipping cargo handled per year, the Port of New York is the third largest in the United States by tonnage and is the busiest port on the East Coast by a substantial margin. Cargo of all sizes, shapes, and types pass through the Port on its way to points eastward, from consumer goods to perishables and everything in between. While the port has never been a particularly strong area for commercial fishing, the amount of traffic and business it receives more than makes up for it economically.

The Port of New York is also home to three massive terminals that exclusively serve commercial cruise lines: the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, and the Cape Liberty Port. Located all along the waterway, these three terminals are home to many different cruise lines from the locally-owned NYCruise to national lines like Carnival Cruise, all taking their guests to various points all over the globe.

Unfortunately, any waterway this popular is bound to see its share of accidents and injuries. With so many boats vying for the same space and the chance for workers to be injured while moving cargo, crashes and accidents are tragically common in this port

If you’ve suffered any kind of boating accident, injury on the water, or fallen ill while onboard a vessel, don’t wait another minute. Contact O’Bryan Law today and let us fight for the justice and financial compensation you deserve for your hardships.

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