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Monongahela Incline and Pittsburgh Skyline with Port of Pittsburgh and bridge

A vast river traffic region that encompasses a system of rivers, locks, and dams all throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, the Port of Pittsburgh is one of the most popular and widely-used waterways in all of the continental United States. The port supports over 200 river terminals (twenty of which are held by specific shipping companies) and barge industry suppliers, including privately-held public river terminals for both commercial and civilian usage, and includes three of the region’s major river: the Ohio, the Monongahela, and the Allegheny.

The sheer size and wide service area of the Port of Pittsburgh has allowed several businesses to call upon the services of the Port, ranging from multinational shipping and logistics agencies like DHL to locally held salvage, towing, and freight companies like Ingram Marine Group, Pittsburgh Barge, CONSOL Energy River, C & C Marine Maintenance Co., Campbell Transportation Co., and many more. These companies contribute to the overall success of the port, making it the 19th busiest port of any kind in the United States. With its size and intricate design, the Port of Pittsburgh has been subject to a number of redesigns and repairs in recent years, many of them coming from the Army Corps of Engineers due to the complexity of the repairs needed.

The large amount of traffic all competing for the same space and terminals has led to a number of boating collisions, shipping crashes, and even accidents involving the terminals and cranes themselves. Another large contributing factor to boating accidents on the Port of Pittsburgh is the design of the port itself – the complicated series of locks and dams have led to recent deaths and injuries among citizen boaters who were unaware of the risks inherent in navigating these waterways and found themselves injured by the strong currents occurring near the system of dams.

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*Dennis M. O’Bryan is enrolled to practice before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which hears appeals from the federal district courts in Pennsylvania. He is admitted to the bar of the federal district court in Pittsburgh. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, where his office is located.