Tampa, Florida – Maritime Lawyer*

Port Tampa Bay is the largest port in the state of Florida and includes a large number of rivers and waterways throughout Florida’s west coast. The sixteenth biggest port in the United States (by tonnage) in domestic trade, Port Tampa Bay is one of the most important points in America for trade with Central and South America, and one of the largest and most frequently-used shipping ports in America overall. shutterstock_392582203

With an economic impact of more than $15 billion for the region and employing over 80,000 workers, Port Tampa Bay is a key component of the American shipping industry. International companies like Nippon Yusen and Zim Integrated Services, as well as local businesses like Dann Ocean Towing, Hendry Corp., Seabulk Towing, and Tampa Tugs all bring a number of products into and out of Port Tampa Bay to points abroad, and a number of different vessels pass through the Port like container ships, tanker ships, and roll-on/roll-off ships.

The sunny shores and prime location of Port Tampa Bay also make it a prime destination for cruise lines and sightseeing tours along Florida’s coast. Several major cruise lines homeport at Port Tampa Bay, such as Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International, and a large number of tour boats take sightseers across the length of the Florida coast and into the Everglades.

This amount of traffic can lead to a high amount of boat accidents and maritime injuries. The fog that can rise from the rivers of Tampa can hamper visibility and cause collisions between boats, or collisions between boats and nearby docks or buildings along the shoreline. Passengers aboard cruise lines can fall ill to cruise ship illnesses and longshoremen can get injured by negligence and accident while unloading cargo or working on the harbor.

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