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At O’Bryan, Baun, and Karamanian we take legal matters seriously. We pride ourselves on sticking it to shipowners, corporations and employers on behalf of injured seamen, fishermen and sailors. We represent nearly any United States based maritime worker– and win cases for injured workers just like you. We don’t play around with the law– we take cases to the proverbial legal mat and fight for the rights of the workers on America’s waterways, lakes and seas.

If you have been injured and as a:

Working in the United States or on a vessel under a US flag, give us a call for a free consultation. We don’t get paid until you do, and we fight tooth and nail for sailors and seamen just like yourselves to get you the justice you deserve. The only way to change the harmful and unsafe practices perpetrated by the big corporations, shipowners and employees is to hit them in the only place they care about– the bank. We have recovered millions over the dozens of years we have been collectively practicing maritime law.

At O’Bryan, Baun, and Karamanian we’re winners. We win cases. Period. Take a look at our track record and you will see that you will be safe in our hands. Remember, when you call the O’Bryan crew you’re calling a winner. And we want to win for you.